It’s official. After roughly 9 years, 2,000 partners, and 250+ employees, Drive Social Media is stepping into another major market with the opening of our third office in Miami, Florida.

To say we’re excited to put boots on the ground in Miami would be the ultimate understatement. The Magic City has seen an influx in business development over the past half-decade or so and is one of America’s leading cities in terms of business development, economic growth, and development of infrastructure.

We are most enthusiastic to bring our unique ROI-tracking ability to the 80,000+ small-to-medium-sized Miami-based business owners that are starved for a truly impactful and transparent social media strategy. We aim to give the city’s social media marketing landscape an overhaul by focusing on the hard dollars-and-cents metrics that business owners truly care about while ignoring vanity metrics such as likes and comments.

Miami is the gateway to Latin American Business, ranks high in expendable income, and has a burgeoning real estate and construction sector. The city ranks especially strong in its small business category, and was heavily covered by some of the nation’s largest media outlets as one of, if not the, top cities for business growth in 2019.

Every single Drive employee and partner, past and present, has had a hand in getting us to the point where we have a national footprint, and offices in three different cities. We’re grateful, humbled, and exhilarated to be taking this broad step in the next direction.