Real Time ROI Tracking

You will never hear anyone at Drive Social Media celebrating a like, a comment, or a share. We only celebrate real wins, and that’s money in your cash register.

Marketing Milk provides real-time ROI tracking for your social campaigns, and we only report on what matters to you and your business: more leads, phone calls, customers and revenue.

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Connecting the Dots for Your Customer's Journey

We build a bridge of information from your social networks and your platforms to Marketing Milk. We then compile that data in to a single, digestible report outlining the overall health of your business so that you always know what’s working and what isn’t. It’s that easy. These bridges maintain 100% security of your customer information while still allowing us to report on your revenue, leads, phone calls and actual sales being driven by our digital marketing campaigns.

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AI that Provides Real Solutions

Using our advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, Marketing Milk will monitor your campaigns, audiences and creative to learn more about your customers and determine what works best to drive you more results.

It will also suggest adjustments to your media buy and budget shifts between your campaigns, providing recommendations to give you the largest ROI.

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Only Reporting on the Metrics That Matter to You

You tell us what success means to you, and that’s what your custom, easy-to-digest dashboard will show you. Whether your KPI is new customers, repeat purchases, inbound leads or phone calls, we will create a live-time report for your business.

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